Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maemo 5 Extras reaches 3.5M downloads

The Extras repository for community contributed software has reached 3.5 million downloads for Maemo 5. Software is offered through free of charge and the repository is open to all developers. Downloads is the web interface to the software available through Extras.

We see the number of downloads grow every day. This makes the Extras repository a great place for developers to get their software in the hands of end users. If you are interested in publishing your software through, please visit the wiki.

We introduced improved download statics to show developers exactly how many downloads they received. The FM Radio Player application has received over 138000 downloads. FM Radio stats below:

The Extras repository has only been enabled on N900 devices by default in a recent software update. Before this update users needed to manually activate the repository in their Application Manager's catalog list. Also keep in mind that the Application Manager is not very easy to find, because of it being put in the 'More' menu.

Overall I think the number is quite impressive as these devices aren't available for a long time and a lot of people had problems even finding a device in their country.


Viipottaja said...


when you say e.g. FM Radio has been downloaded 138,000 times, I assume that includes repeat/re-downloads for updated version? So the number of N900s out there with the FM Radio app is probably, what, half of that at best?

Also, would you be able to give a number of unique downloaders to get a sense of how many N900s may have been sold? [Obviously not everyone has perhaps downloaded from the extras yet, but probably most have]

hyartep said...

could you, please, pubish info about downloads for os2008?

Branedy said...

That would indicate somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 units (N900's) in consumer hands.

neoncherry said...

Branedy, no.

This article's figures only indicate how many N900 owners have downloaded the FM tuner app from

As the article says, most ordinary users probably haven't even noticed the catalogue due to certain firmwares having it deactivated by default, and the app manager itself being in the More... section.

neoncherry said...

"[Obviously not everyone has perhaps downloaded from the extras yet, but probably most have]"

I don't think that's a safe assumption.

Nokia hasn't advertised, they have pushed Ovi Store instead, and Ovi Store has a much more prominent link in the interface. users would probably be the hardcore crowd, but the N900 having a phone means it's going to reach a much more mainstream audience than the previous Maemo devices.