Friday, January 29, 2010

Extras dput and promotion changes

With the change to the new server infrastructure, we also changed the way developers can use dput to upload their source packages to the autobuilder. We created a special host named for uploads using dput (and scp). The uploading to Extras wiki page has been updated with the correct information. Short story: replace with and continue like before.

Another change we had to make was how packages are promoted from diablo Extras-devel to Extras. The old promoter was no longer suitable for the current setup and needed to go. Promotion now works the same way as it works for fremantle Extras-devel to Extras-testing (direct promotion). The package interface for diablo Extras-devel can be found here.

There are still a few features missing for the diablo part of the packages interface, but promotion should work. I'll add build logs and context sensitive searches at a later point.

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