Monday, July 7, 2008 automatic updates from Extras

The downloads section now automatically picks up updated versions from the Maemo Extras repository. The 'Fresh' list will show the applications that were recently uploaded or promoted to Extras. Developers used to need to update their application entry themselves. By doing the updating automatically, users should not see outdated information about applications.

For the automatic update to work your application needs to be:
  1. Available in Maemo Extras
  2. Available in the downloads section where the 'Project ID' equals the name of your debian package.
Package updates are fetched from the most recent repository for each OS we support. Diablo for OS2008, Bora for OS2007 and gregale for OS2006.

One enhancement I would like to add is automatically update the 'Changes in latest version' field for the entry in downloads. I would like comments from the community on how developers should supply this information.

One option would be to fetch it from the changelog. Problems here are that there aren't many packages using a changelog at the moment and we would need to filter out the real changes from the packaging revision updates.

Another option would be to let the developer enter this data while promoting the package to extras. We could add this step to the promotion interface.

Comments are appreciated.

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