Monday, June 2, 2008

maemo packaging policy draft

A draft for the maemo packaging policy has been released for comments by the community.

What is the maemo packaging policy good for?

Like it's Debian counter part, the maemo policy specifies how packages should be built. It will exactly tell you what your package should implement to be a proper maemo package.

The maemo packaging policy is essentially the same as the Debian policy, but there are some changes especially for the tablets as opposed to desktops.

What good does it do me?

Well, not a lot at the moment. But it can soon! We (the maemo community) need to agree on this policy and see how we can implement it.

We want to setup a wiki page where you can annotate the policy draft and talk about things you think should change. This will be done soon, I hope.

Until then, please discuss the topic on the maemo-developers list.

Your input is welcomed.

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