Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Self charging N810

A while ago I found out that it was possible to charge my N810 via USB connected to a regular PC. This can be very convenient if you don't have a socket available for a charger.

The Nokia N810 has the ability to be a USB host. It can provide a little bit of power via it's micro-USB port. As you can see in the picture, the device notices that the charger is connected.

Tools needed for this trick:
  • Nokia USB charger
  • USB F-F adapter
  • Standard micro-USB cable

Urho Konttori's usbcontrol

By now you should probably already know that this about the same as Perpetual motion, a great idea, but impossible (Without rewriting the laws of physics).

But still, it is good fun to see the charging notification pop up.


Bergie said...

We clearly need a bug in maemo bugzilla about the lack of perpetual motion capability

Anonymous said...

heh, something tells me that this actually risk draining the battery even faster.

Andrew said...

Should have posted one month ago. ;-)